Robin Castell

Robin Castell was born in 1941 in Fulmer Chase Buckinghamshire, England, and he was educated at Dover with a passion for English, Art and History.

His father was a Colonel in the Royal Artillery and his mother was an Innkeeper's daughter.

He is a Freeman and Liverymen of the Worshipful Company of the Turners of the City of London and served as a senior Magistrate of the Uxbridge Bench for 10 years.

He is an elected member of the Royal Historical Soceity and President of the Saint Helena Island Society

Robin is a Poet and Historian and has published 9 books about the history of Saint Helena and 4 books of his Lyrical Poetry.

Family Geneaology


Exodus by Robin Castell

Some golden hours in life I've spent

And none of those I do repent.

I may not seek to understand

On how to reach the Promised Land.


Accept He must my thoughtless ways

Be they in blame or prayer of praise.

So soon so bent so frail so grey

Unfinished dreams and then - away.


Please lead me Master to the Light

Your hidden purpose to invite.

Those lonely battlements of death

There waiting on my closing breath.


Just as in dusk the darkness falls

And then alas the bugle calls.

Now I leave life's meek endeavour

Now forever- and forever ...